About Us

Welcome to APM Photo Video!

My name is Shanna, I’m a photographer and product engineer.

When I got my first camera at 2014, I loved taking photos of the flower, my family, the animal ever since. So after my graduation, it is natural that I enter this industry for a career. It is just painful and wasting of time trying all fragile or malfunction items.

How I define APM photo video?

To provide quality camera accessories for photographers, with highest efficiency and lowest cost, we cut the cost on shipping/advertising/packaging as much as we can, so you enjoy the best value possible. I sincerely hope all companies around can do that.

What drives us forward?

Never fail an expectation or imagination. You will find that if you ever tried our products or customer service.

If you love wildlife or bird photography in the bad weather,then rain cover is right for you.

If you love vlog,then film rigs will help you.

Try these tools to record our life, to express our values. And spend more quality time with our loved ones.

Before your leave, we kindly ask you a favor, to share your feedback on this website if you ever bought an item, so more customers like you who are looking for a great buy, can found us among all advertised brands.

Every product developed meant to serve it’s purpose. And you might contact any questions you may have for our products/services.

Best wishes,


Aug 2017 Shenzhen


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