CamRebel Universal Cloud Lambency Flash Diffuser

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Product Highlights:

  • High quality material, color corrected, including white and orange covers
  • Fits for most of Standard flashes, including Canon Speedlite 430EX 550EX / 580EX /580EX II or similar, Sony F58 / DI866, Nikon SB600 SB700 SB800 SB900 SB910, Yongnuo YN560, YN560-II, YN565EX, YN565EXC, YN565EXN or similar
  • Works great to reduce the harsh speedlight flash and shoot in portrait without annoying shadows.
  • With velcro strap holds diffuser in place.

It different from the traditional /"point source/" of the soft mask, lambency flash diffuser /"bowl of light/" flash diffuser can diffuse throughout the soft light inside the mask. Thereby evenly spread over all the shooting, making the best soft image effect. /"Bowl of light/" soft mask is a transparent PVC material, soft and easy to carry. Accompanied by a bowl cap, can be adapted to the situation can not be reflective from the roof. 

Color: Clear 
Item size: 120*114*114mm 
Net weight: 217g 
Package weight:247g 

Compatible Cameras: 
Canon 580EX I 580EX 550EX 540EZ 520EZ 
430EZ 430EX  420EX 420EZ 380EXNikon SB-900 SB-800 SB-600 SB-28 SB-27 SB-26 SB-25 SB-24
Olympus FL-50R FL-50 FL-36R FL-36 
Pentax AF-500FTZ 330FTZ AF-540 FGZ AF-360 FGZ AF-400 FT AF-400 FT AF-240 FT 
Sigma EF-530 DG Super EF-500 DG Super EF-430 
Sunpak Auto 2000DZ 622 Pro 433AF 433D 355AF EF-430 344D 
Vivitar 2500 273 3500 5200 550 FD 728AFr 836 840AF 850AF DF200 
Minolta 5600HS 5600HS(D) 3600HS(D) 3500xi 5200i 
Contax TLA 280 TLA 360 
Sony HVL-F32x HVL-F1000 Sony HVL-F42AM HVL-F43AM 
Soligor TIF 380 DG-420Z 
Achiever 260AF 260T 630 828 828TW TZ250 
Cobra 480AF Auto280 
Nissin 360TW 360TXP PZ400-c-n-m 
Promaster FT-1700 FTD5700 FTD6500 FTD7000M 
Pheonix 800DZA 82ZBDA D79-BZS ZB1-92N 

Nikon SB600 SB700 SB800 SB900 SB910
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT YN568EX YN565EX YN560IV YN560III YN560II YN560 YN468 YN467 YN460, etc 

Package Included: 
1 x Universal Cloud Lambency Flash Diffuser 
1 x Orange Dome 
1 x White Dome