JJC Protect Cap Cover for Sony MI Multi Interface Foot Shoe HVL-F60M HVL-F20M External Flash / Video Light HVL-F32M ECM-XYST1M ADP-MAA

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JJC HC-SP connector protect cap is designed for devices that have multi interface foot (called “MI foot” in the following) for Sony MI shoe such as flashes, microphones, video lights etc. Exposed terminal of MI foot is damaged easily. Just attach it to the terminal of MI foot of your device, and the terminals will be protected against scratches, dust, moisture or other damaging elements, thus prolonging their effectiveness. The cap is easy to install and remove. When a hot shoe flash or other camera accessory fitting multi interface shoe is not in use, you’d better put the cap on and thus store them in good condition.

Product Highlights

Fits flashes, microphones, video lights etc. that have MI foot for Sony MI shoe

Protects contact terminals against scratches, dust, moisture or other damaging elements

Easy to install and remove

Helps store your devices in good condition

Compatible With

Sony HVL-F60M External Flash / Video Light

Sony HVL-F20M External Flash

Sony ADP-MAA Sony Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter

Nissin i40 Compact Flash for Sony Cameras

Sony ECM-W1M Wireless Microphone

Sony HVL-F32M MI (Multi-interface shoe) Camera Flash


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